Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2015-04-25 09:29:38Voyage from: Bremerhaven to StavangerETA:
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Hello everybody!

I am doing very well here on MS Fram! In fact, I have a new foster-parent for the crossing to Norway (and maybe longer). His name is Tom Warmolts and he is part of the Expedition Team on board the ship.

I met him when he came on board a few days ago and like me, he is travelling all around the world. We have shared some amazing stories and already are best friends! Even though he has travelled the world, I can tell he is jealous of my adventures. After all, at my young age, I have done things and seen places that most travellers won't see in a lifetime. I am glad I get to share this with the world by sending you stories and pictures.

On Tuesday April 21st, my ship left Bremerhaven (Germany) towards Norway! We have been on open sea all night and day and we will arrive in Stavanger very soon. I will try to board another ship there and start a new adventure but I´m not sure yet if this will work out. If not, MS Fram will be my home for a little longer.

Here are a few pictures from today´s crossing:

Relaxing with Tom Warmolts in the sun with a beautiful view:

We even had the time to play some ping-pong. Useless to say I won of course. Tom should stick to the Guiding, he is much better at it then ping-pong!