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31st of December 2014
Drake Passage
62°00,4’S; 059°55,7’W

I find it unbelievable that this is already the last day of the year 2014…. . Time passes by way too fast if you ask me.

Yesterday was another turn-around day in Ushuaia. We left the dock during the early evening hours and are meanwhile back in the Drake Passage and heading south again.

The Drake Passage connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean south of Tierra del Fuego and at the southern end we find the South Shetland Islands. The Drake Passage has a reputation of very rough seas and stormy weather. We seem to have the weather-gods on our side, because today the Drake is being really calm. It actually looks beautiful outside; the sun is out and the sea is of a pleasant bluish colour with hardly any white caps. So – New Years Eve here we come.

Before heading down for dinner I was invited to a glass of Champagne at the Captains’ cabin. What a nice way to start the New Years Eve.

The tables of the Restaurant and Bistro were nicely decorated with small bottles of sparkling wine, funny hats and other party equipment.

I tried it all on and we had a lot of fun. The New Years Eve party was taking place in the Lounge. Here on board the National Geographic Explorer passengers and crew celebrate together. I find that kind of neat.

We watched the sketch “Dinner for One”,

experienced a breathtaking sunset

and played a few games. The ships bell was set up in the center of the Lounge and at midnight the eldest and the youngest passenger rang in the New Year. Everybody was pretty jolly, laughing a lot, dancing and making fun. I had a great party!!!