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Hi everyone!

The Antarctic summer and tourism season have now come to an end and with tears in our eyes, me and Tom said goodbye to the white continent last week…

It was an incredible season with amazing wildlife encounters and as always, breathtaking landscapes. During our last expedition on MS Midnatsol (Hurtigruten), we visited several spots on the Antarctic Peninsula but most of them were cancelled due to weather conditions that were too rough to deal with. There was a lot of wind and swell and the sea was often very wild! The Drake Passage therefore really lived up to its reputation and nickname: The Drake Shake. It was obvious that winter is now returning to Antarctica and turning it into an even wilder place.

On the way north, we were able to spend more time in the Falkland Islands, where the weather was much more favorable for our activities. We first visited the capital Stanley where I have been many times already but which is always a pleasure to visit. We then sailed north around the islands towards the west of the Falklands to visit New Island, a dream destination! The weather was fantastic and several plants were flowering, spreading a sweet honey smell over the hills. Tom and I organized a hike up the mountains so that the guests could enjoy a bird’s eye view of the area. These views were amazing and everyone who reached the top sat down for a few minutes to really take it all in.

When we sailed away from the Falklands, dolphins and whales surrounded the ship and made our goodbyes to the South even more heartfelt. I hope I will get to go back here next year or in the near future as I am now really addicted to the unique place that is the Antarctic…

Me and Tom are now starting a completely different Adventure as we are going to explore the rainforests of Costa Rica! I am very looking forward to this trip and can’t wait to tell you all about it! Hopefully we will see many cool jungle creatures! Wish us luck!