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Hello everyone! Itís Fred again reporting from the Falkland Islands this time!

I have been to this place before but I just had to tell you about it again as every time I am here, I am blown away by its beauty!

With the MS Midnatsol we are spending 3 days here exploring the city of Stanley, but mostly the nature on the remote outside islands. There are a few thousand people living on the Falkland islands, but they say they inhabitants are outnumbered by the 500 thousand sheep that also lived here.

I have to be honest and tell you I have not seen a single sheep! But the landscapes were breathtaking nevertheless:

During our first nature landing, we went to a beach that looked just like one from the tropical commercials. White sand, blue water and sunshine! The temperature might have been a little lower but who knew the Falklands were such a good place for a day at the beach?!

Our second nature landing was even more impressive because I went on a 7 km mountain walk with Tom and some of the guests. Since I have such little feet, for me it felt like much longer and I was exhausted once we finally made it to the top. Iím very happy everyone convinced me to go in the end because once at the top, the views were amazing and I had a chance to catch my breath and sunbath:

On the way down, we took the time to look at the local flora and realized how impressive it is. There are big flower beds with tiny little tough flowers that can withstand the strong easterly winds that often blow strong over the landscape:

I am more than honored to have experienced the Falklands again and I hope I can come back one day.

Me and Tom are about to start a new adventure, in a few days we are joining a Danish company called: Albatross Expeditions and their ship is going to take us on a special Voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula. We have never been on that ship so we are excited to go onboard!

Stay tuned for my updates, Iíll talk to you soon,