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Date / Time: 2015-01-14 22:32:38Voyage from: to ETA:
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Vesselname:National Geographic Explorer
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14th of January 2015 Orne Harbour / Antarctica 64°37,6’S; 062°32,6’W

I was tempted to just turn around and continue sleeping this morning. The world outside looked greyish and sleet was coming down. We had arrived to a place called Orne Harbour at the west coast of Graham Land.

People had the choice of either going ashore and hiking up to Spigot Peak or doing a Zodiac cruise. I did not have to make a decision, as Lisa and Oscar had invited me to join them for a dive!

Oscar got me all geared up again, he now even has a scuba-tank for me!

It was great down there! I saw different sponges, limpets, a nudibranche, starfish and all kinds of things. What a cool experience!!!!!!

Back on board we hopped into the fresh-water tank to rinse off all the salt water. The tank is filled with warm water – feels really nice after coming in from a dive.

Lisa will present the footage to the passengers during recap tomorrow evening. She asked me if I would like to join her, doing the recap. Uiuiui! I am so excited!!! Not only am I now a “bi-polar diver” (remember, I went for a dive up in Svalbard during my last stay on board the National Geographic Explorer), but I will also be actively participating in a recap AND be a little movie-star!!!
I hope I can find some sleep… . Did I mention how excited I am???
… so excited….