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Date / Time: 2014-07-08 21:00:18Voyage from: to ETA:
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from now on I will share stories not any more from the engine room! Now, I am on deck 4! Hmm, it smells very good here. Well, guess where I am? Until you get it I share meanwhile what was going on in the past week!

Here you see me observing the pressure in the bunker line! Yes, we just took 720 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, better we bunkered it. That’s an old term and survived from former times when ships bunkered coal. So, ships are not refueling, instead they bunker it! How much does it cost? You can calculate that if you take a price of 600$ per ton!

Oh, I have some compagnions. There is always a bunker watch. Today
Jose and Andrew from the Philippines are the watchmen’s on the bunker hose. They have to look after the hose through which the heavy fuel oil is pumped over from the barge in our ship. How the hose looks you see on the next picture

Hopefully you know got it where I am since one week? No, ok, I will tell you! I am with the most important men on board the vessel – no, I am not with the captain, instead I am with the chief cook and his messman! Well, why are they the most important? If the food is bad, the morale and moods of the crew will be affected greatly. And this can lead very fast to attempted mutiny! Here you can see the bill of fare for the past week!

Haha, dont think we just eat meat! Of course we have side dishes: rice, potatoes, french fries, wedges, croquettes and different vegetables. And on top for lunch a soup ahead and as desert fruits and on Thursdays and Sundays ice-cream! Yummi!

Saturday we always have Eintopf. It is kind of tradition on german owned ships.

Spagetti Carbonara – great – I need a second plate of that!

Attention ships crew! Football quarter-final between France and Germany starts in a few minutes. Chief Engineer Jörg is alreadz wearing the correct dress!

1:0 after fiveteen minutes. Go, Germany, go!

Uff, the football match stretched my nerves!

Now I go to sleep! For this I got my own comfortable bed. Nice how the crew looks after me!

Good night and sweet dreams!