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Fred is on tour for three years now !!

Ice, everywhere ice. And it is very cold. And very exiting. A flight over the icy ocean in a helicopter, or tied up to the wing of a little aeroplane. No, this is not part of a James Bond movie, this is part of Fred's adventures. At the moment Fred is travelling on the researchvessel "Polarstern" in the Antarctica. Steffi and Holger made this dream come true. But first things first:

In the past year, Fred has experienced much. He visited Hong Kong, travelled to Vietnam and on to California/USA. From there he took a flight to the eastcoast, was in Seattle, New York and Newark, passed the Panama-Canal to Los Angeles. From there he went back through the Panama-Canal to Cartagena, Caucedo, Tangier und Valencia. He experienced much, saw a lot of nice places, sent home nice pictures and reports. A lot of people took good care of him. In New York for example, Fred was equipped with a hand knitted hat.

Apparently a criminal street gang has taken from him this cool hat, because he did not bring it home.

But Fred also had some bad luck from time to time. Here and there Fred was simply placed in the corner and not taken care of. At this point Steffi and Holger came up with the idea to take Fred to
the "Polarstern". We could not resist to this idea and ordered Fred back home. Due to the excellent logistics of Laeisz, Fred arrived on time and safe in Hamburg. Fred even had time to go on a tour in Hamburg and also for a trip to the Flensburg Fjord.

But Fred can also do good. As a young celebrity he is now Beach Guardian and inspiration for the lifesavers of DLRG Wedel and wants to draw attention to the great work of the DLRG.

And the team of DLRG Wedel tailored him his own jacket.

On 05. June 2013, Fred went on his flight to Cape Town/South Africa with Steffi to join the researchvessel "Polarstern".

Fred now enjoys his adventures in the Antarctica. Fortunately he was fitted with suitable polar clothing. Because it is so cold. And everywhere is ice. Lots of ice.

Due to his three year anniversary we are giving away Fred pins again. Congratulations to Fred and thanks to all Fred fans who follow his travels, sent emails and also for the entries in the guestbook.

Those who would like to congratulate Fred, may do so and win a Fred-pin:

All you have to do: Surprise Fred. For example with a beautiful postcard, a photo, a photo montage, a poem, a drawing, a video, a song or send a copy of a donation receipt for example seamannsmission or whatever.

The most beautiful, most original, funniest submissions will be rewarded with a Fred pin.
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Deadline is the 20th August 2013

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Fred Fratwo
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