Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2013-02-05 21:14:02Voyage from: Oakland to New YorkETA:
Fred's foster-parent:

Fred's vessel:
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Bob and I would like to report that Fred is still safe and sound at the Seamenís Church Instituteís International Maritime Center in Oakland, California.

On January 22, he went to San Francisco, California and saw the historic Golden Gate Bridge.

This past weekend, he went on a side trip to Seattle, Washington, (Feb. 1 Ė 3) where he went to many touristy and popular places Ė the Space Needle, Public Market Center (aka Pike Place Farmerís Market), the original Starbucks,

Feb. 1, 2013: Got a little sea sick on the big boats ... so Iím taking it to the skies ... ďup, up and wayĒ ... to Seattle, WA

Waiting for flight in Oakland, CA to Seattle, WA with Foster Mom, Adrienne

Wow! How exciting! My first airplane ride!

Ladies & Gentlemen ... fasten your seatbelts ... you, too, Fred ...!

The BIG BIRD touches down in Seattle! Hanginí with local Seattleites, Ida & James, at Rock Pizzeria ... maybe Iíll see a Rock Star!

Learning how to use the latest in ďmodernĒ technology ...

Feb. 2, 2013: Wow! The Space Needle ... itís really high up there .... ooooh, Iím getting dizzy just thinking about it!

Headed to Pike Place Farmerís Market ...

Yay! Iím here! Kinda hungry ... gonna find me a snack!

tís a secret, but Eric has connections to a boat load of fish... YES!!! Yummm ... fry Ďem up!

Hey, friends, Iím at the ORIGINAL Starbucks at Pike Place! Itís time for a triple shot of espresso!

And he even met a new furry friend Ö Marnie, a Cocker Spaniel.

Well, well, arenít you a cute little furry thing! Whatís youíre name?!?

My new friend, Marnie ... can I bring her home with me?

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, Fred will travel with me to SCIís New York & New Jersey offices and will be handed over to them to find new foster parents on a container ship...

we will miss Fred!